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Abhiyan Chiranjeev Logo


Abhiyan Chiranjeev

Arogya ki Pathshala : Health with Education

Arogya ki Pathshala - A Step to Enrich Child with Health & Knowledge

Jeevem Shardaha Shatam - Live for 100 years is the wellspring of "Chiranjeev" and its meaning, however it can only be achieved by living healthy. Abiyan Chinranjeev - a campaign with the same motive was initiated to impart knowledge of Principles of Healthy Lifestyle & Practical Aspects of Well Being at the elementary phase of life i.e. School days.

Childhood & Adolescence are the foundation of future as they are blessed with extraordinary intellect and physical strength which needs to be nurtured & sheltered properly. It is also the growing stage of the body, mind & soul therefore educating them on primary health at this stage would be beneficial for them to live their life in future hale and hearty.

Schools impart values and discipline also they educate them on subjects like human anatomy & its functions however, education on health and awareness needs to be encouraged more.

Arogya Bharti has started Swasthya Gyan Pariksha in year 2007 with the vision of enriching health education in school children through quiz based on Health knowledge book “Bal Arogya Mitra”.
This initiative gave birth to Abhiyan Chiranjeev in year 2010 under which following activities taken into account:

  • Swastha Gyan Pariksha - Interschool Health Knowledge Contest
  • Interactive Sessions in Schools
  • Arogya Mitra training workshop for Teachers and Guardians
  • Formation of Arogya Mitra Health Clubs in Schools
  • Painting and Poster Competitions.
  • Student's Health Examination:  
      • To create awareness about the health and hygiene
      • To screen Individual Student's Health
      • To perform Prakruti Pariksha of every Student 
      • To provide a Balanced Diet
      • To promote Home remedies
      • To promote Healthy lifestyle

Objectives of Abhiyan Chiranjeev : Prevention - Protection - Promotion

Health Knowledge Book

Workshops & Training

Native RTL SupportIn present time little attention is given to the protection of health. It is far better to prevent disease than to know how to treat it when contracted.


Volunteer With Us!

Ultimate Browsers SupportParticipate in social health related activites with us, we will me more than happy to grow number of volunteers and spread health awareness


Medical Camps

medical camps

Medical camps & check up routies organized by us:

  • Health card
  • Eye Test
  • Health Checkup


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