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Events Calendar - 2014-15

We are freuently arranging seminars, exams, competetions and lecture series for spreading the word of healthy living through natural means. You are invited to join us in any of these events and help us to encourage healthy lifestyle among people of all ages. Exact event dates would be announced few weeks before the event, here are details of the months and tentative dates.

Month (2014)  Event Name Tentative Date Event Organized on:
July Painting Competetion 13 13.07.2014
July Seminar on Healthy Life Style 19-20  
 August Inauguration of Swasth Gyan priksha    
September Inter school competition    
November Swasth Gyan Priksha    
December Lecture Series on Public health    
January State Level competition and Prize Distribution    

Monthly Publication

Workshops & Training

Native RTL SupportIn present time little attention is given to the protection of health. It is far better to prevent disease than to know how to treat it when contracted.


Volunteer With Us!

Ultimate Browsers SupportParticipate in social health related activites with us, we will me more than happy to grow number of volunteers and spread health awareness


Medical Camps

medical camps

Medical camps & check up routies organized by us:

  • Health card
  • Eye Test
  • Health Checkup


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