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Seminar on - Art & Science of Healthy Life Style

19&20 July 2014 Bhopal

Jointly Organize by MPCST & Arogya Bharati

An Immense leap in the field of scientific knowledge and technology has made life luxurious today but to achieve it has made some changes in the beliefs of the people and they have begun to give "health first " a second thought. A lust towards prosperity, name, fame, wealth has made a dent in the mindset and it appears." Kaya" has gripped "Maya" vis-a-vis this has led to a chain of life style related disorders due to this altered life style.

A report jointly prepared by by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Economic Forum says India will incur an accumulated loss of 236.6 billion by 2015 on account of unhealthy life styles and faulty diet. According to a survey conducted by the Associated Chamber Of Commerce and Industry (ASSOC-HAM) 68% of working women in the age group between 21-52 years were found to be afflicted with life style ailments. Majority of life style diseases are modifiable and can be prevented by some smart appropriate alterations in the routine life style patterns like food habits, physical activity levels etc.

The answer screen in the art developed on the basis of Indian philosophy i.e. Ayurveda and Yoga which beautifully inculcates healthy food habits, thoughts, and principle .Today modern bio science has achieved new heights treating and diagnosing many complex diseases on an intensive research based protocol. Every one let it be infant, adolescent, young or elderly needs to understand art of healthy life style and merely understanding it won't make the change but it has to be practiced eventually.

AB has been working in the field of health population since its inception in collaboration with MPCST and support of numerous voluntary organizations AB is going to put forward this delicate, intricate co-ordination of art and science of healthy life style by organizing a 2 day national meet on 19-20 of July 2014.

Students, working men women, industrialists, expert doctors from all walks of pathies and representatives of voluntary organizations, Policy makers are invited together at this 2 day national meet and will go through a brain storming session to draw a road map to find some innovative and practical way of healthy life style a way of life.

Further details contact

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Phone: 0755-2425108

Mobile: 09907991918


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